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Responsive Websites

1. Responsive Website

80% Website are open on smart phone, so if your website is not mobile friendly then you will lose your friend and family cannot see it. We create website which can visible on any mobile device.

2. Designer Layout

On Your wedding you make everything designer from your cloths, decoration even food then why not your wedding website too. We take immense care about designing which suits your personality.

Attractive Layout
couple story

3. Couple Story

Every Couple has its own story, yes even couple who is going to arrange marriage. So lets share that story with entire world or with your friends and family. Tell people how your journey begins? How you met first time? Where you visit? When your engagement done? Share pics and story together.

4. About Bride & Groom

Share your personal story since childhood, about you, your family, your interest, your achievements, your like and dislikes etc.

Bride and Groom Icon
Event Schedule

5. Event Schedule

We display all you wedding events like Sangeet, Haldi, Wedding, Reception or any other event associated with your wedding with date, time and venue.

6. E - Invitation

In India there is tradition to send Invitation card to every guest. Follow the same trend with new style.

invitation Icon

7. Photo & Video Album

Share your Life journey, engagement, pre wedding photos and videos directly with your friends and family with caption and description. Even you can update with anytime.

8. Guest List

You can create and manage your Guest List on your website. So you will not forget anyone. You can also reserve seats for VIP Guest.

Guest List Icon
SMS Reminder Icon

9. SMS Reminder

In traditional format many time some guest forget the date of your wedding and chances to miss it out. So keep them remember about Big Day by sending scheduled SMS on their mobile numbers. Before a day of your wedding.

10. Free Domain & Hosting

Its a gift from us to you on your wedding. We will provide Free Domain and Superfast Hosting for 9 months for absolutely free.

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Google Map Icon

11. Google Map Integration

Not all your guest from same city where you wedding venue or other events menu. So guide them properly with the help of google map. We integrate google map near all your events venue. So there will be no confusion.

12. Post Wedding Updates

After your wedding day. It will be new beginning of you life. Your guest are waiting to see your wedding and honeymoon photographs. Its not possible everyone to come to you and view your album neither you want to share it on facebook. So its your choice to keep it private ass well secured on your own website.

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